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How To Throw An Opponent Using Tai-otoshi

Tai-otoshi is one of the most difficult throws to perform which is why there are so few books written on it but it was a throw I was famous for. As a youngster my favorite technique was Morote seoi nage however as I got older I was picking up injuries and my father suggested I should […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Judo

Judo is an art that to the outsider could be seen as violent, after all, we are throwing each other into the air and adults even use arm locks and strangle each other until a submission. However, for those that take the time to delve deeper into Judo, they will see a sport that is […]

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How To Fold Your Judo Gi (The Right Way)

Your Judo Gi is the tool of your trade and without it, Judo would not be possible so we should treat our kit with respect. ​You probably spent a lot of money on your new Judo Gi but you throw it inside your kit bag, all screwed up after training. Wouldn’t it be both better […]

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