How To Tie A Judo Belt: The Neil Adams Way

Ho to tie a Judo belt

We wear them at every Judo session but you would be surprised to know that many people do not know how to tie a Judo belt, or at least how to tie it so that it does not become undone.

Being able to tie your belt is essential for every Judoka to learn and in this guide we will show you not one, but two ways to tie your belt.

You will see the traditional method of tying a Judo belt but I will also teach you how to tie your Judo belt in the same way that competition players do. The difference is that the competition variation is a lot tighter!

We have included both video and step by step photos to ensure you don’t get lost.

If you are ready let’s begin.

Method 1: The Traditional Method

In this video Neil will teach you the traditional method of how to tie your belt so that it is even on both sides. Do not worry about taking notes, watch the video through and then take a look at our step by step photos below to help you out:

Step 1: Start with the belt uneven in length and around the front of your Judo Gi

Step 2: Wrap the Judo belt around your back and cross the belt in your other hand.

Step 3: Take the Judo belt around the front.

Step 4: Then take the belt around your back, it should lay on top of the other section and look neat

Step 5: Once you have done this take the belt to your front and take the belt left over right.

Step 6: Go left over right and then underneath both.

Step 7: Pull the belt through and it should look like this

Step 8: Take the top section and go right over left.

Step 9: Snake your left hand through the loop

Step 10: Grab the bottom of the belt and bring it through the loop

Step 11: Pull it tight

And this is how it should look. The belt should be even on each side.

Method 2: How To Tie Your Belt Competition Style

This method is the way that most competition players tie their belts. Once again watch the video and follow along afterwards with our step by step photos.

Step 1: Start with the belt uneven

Step 2: Wrap the longer part of the belt around your back

Step 3: Repeat the process

Step 4: If you have done this correctly you will have equal lengths of belt at the front, if not try again.

Step 5: Take the belt left underneath right

Step 6: Cross the top piece of the belt and bring it in between the two belts. This is the important part

Step 7: Here a is a closer look at how you feed it through.

Step 8: Leave a small loop that you will use in a moment

Step 9: Grab the bottom section of belt

Step 10: Loop your belt through

This is how it should look.


Once you have mastered the art of tying your Judo belt it is like riding a bike. However it can take some time for both juniors and adults to learn how to tie a belt that will not come undone easily.

So what now?

Please share this article with all of your club members and Judo friends, especially those whose belts are always coming undone.

Thanks for reading

Neil Adams MBE

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