Uchikomi Bands

Neil Adams using the Bands

The Neil Adams Uchikomi bands 

The Uchikomi Bands were designed by Neil Adams as a means of improving the technical ability of any Judoka. They are also suitable for Sambo and BJJ players.

So what are they? The bands are purpose built resistance bands which if used in conjunction with the exercises shown by Neil Adams will improve your ability to throw more opponents for Ippon and to also greatly improve your grip strength and your fitness.

As part of the Neil Adams Legacy Project we were looking for ways to help improve the skill of the Judo players across the globe. One of the ways that Judoka have traditionally trained alone is the use of resistance bands, and in some cases even tyre inner tubes. ​Sadly whilst this does help to improve the fitness of a grappler, it does not improve the Judokas ability to throw more people. For that reason we sat down and created the best product that any Judoka could wish for so that they could not just improve their fitness but to also increase their throwing ability. The result was the birth of the Neil Adams Uchikomi Bands.

The bands come in 3 unique strengths and sizes. 

Junior- for the younger player

Champion- These are our medium strength bands and are great for developing speed and fitness along side you Kuzushi

Pro- These are the heavyweight bands and are for the stronger Judoka. However we recommend these to use for the forward techniques as these bands are designed to support your weight when practising techniques such as Ouchi Gari and Osoto Gari​

  • Improved Kuzushi- The ability to break an opponents balance
  • Increased Grip strength- Your grip will tire far less and your hand strength will increase
  • Increased Fitness- The ability to repeat Judo techniques with resistance will increase your fitness
  • Improved Muscle Memory- By following the regime developed by Neil Adams your throws will improve as your muscle memory increases with the correct practise.
  • They come with a DVD by Neil Adams showing a range of drills and techniques to improve your throws and how to get the most out of the bands
  • They have been built using the same technology used in the construction of car safety belts, ensuring your product is built for serious and repeated use.
  • Each set comes with its own carry case to ensure they can be taken everywhere
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