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Neil currently holds the rank of Judo 9th Dan and has also been an Olympic coach. Neil was also awarded an MBE and amassed a total of 5 European Titles,2 Olympic Silver medals and a World Championship Gold. He is world-renowned for his technical excellence.

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Nice Things People Say About Neil Adams MBE:

Neil was one of my main mentors throughout my judo career who helped me tremendously with my technical skills – especially with my tai otoshi, juji-gatame and newaza drills. I used to train at the Neil Adams Club for 7 – 10 days at a time at least twice per year for many years. I owe a lot of the success in my career to Neil’s guidance and expertise, and forever will be grateful that he took the time to work with me.”

Jimmy Pedro

2012 & 2016 US Olympic Judo Coach

2 Time Olympic Medalist

World Judo Champion

Jimmy Pedro

Neil Adams is the bridge between performance, experience, and modern judo. His argumentative expertise can add value to each judoka.

Daniel Lascau President of Romanian Judo Federation

IJF Sport Director World Champion 1991

Daniel Lascau

I was lucky enough to train for 18 months as a student of Neil Adams, in his full time international judo class in Coventry.

I can tell you without doubt that it was the best experience of my forty years in the martial arts.

To work under the direct tutelage of the greatest occidental judo player of his generation was (and remains) an honour for me.

Neil’s level of play was second to none but, more than that, it was his level of integrity, his kindness and his generosity that have stayed with me most.

Neil epitomises true Budo; ferocious and instinctive on the mat, gentle and unassuming in the world.

This polarity is rare and beautiful.

I consider Neil to be both a great teacher and a great friend.’

Geoff Thompson 8th Dan karate BCA, WCA

Geoff Thompson 

Mr Adams puts into Judo all around the world. From coaching grassroots players in masterclasses & coaching sessions to being heavily involved with top level events and a commentator & advisory capacity for the IJF.

A great ambassador for the sport & a true Judoka"


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