A Tribute To Craig Fallon

Craig Fallon

The Judo world can so often be described as a family, not just a sport.

And our Judo family is truly incredible. 

Unlike other sports the Judoka train at camps with the very people they will compete against in tournaments, often forging friendships with their greatest rivals that last a lifetime. 

The Judoka can travel to any corner of the world and take their Judo Gi and be welcomed like a long lost friend and so when the Judo family loses one of their own we come together to both mourn our loss and celebrate the life and talent of those who have passed on.

And this week we learned of the loss of Craig Fallon.

Craig is a former world champion, a truly great fighter, and a great competitor, before moving on to be a superb coach. 

His focus was immense and unwavering. 

I have such fond memories of watching him walk out, displaying that same incredible focus for his World Championship final, European final and of course for the Paris Open.

I was right there when he won the Paris Open.

He was very focused, very cool, calm, collected; a genius on the mat.

 A Judoka that displayed incredible skills in both Tachiwaza and Newaza

He was the last British male Judoka to win a world title and one of only 3 to ever do so and without a doubt, he was one of the best lightweights that the world has ever seen.

Craig not only reached the pinnacle of his sport, becoming the best in the world, he was also an Olympian, an honour that few ever achieve.

We know that Craig leaves behind a lasting legacy within the Judo world and he will forever be missed.

The impact felt by the Judo community across the world is a testament to the respect people had for Craig and his achievements.

He was a pleasure to be around and a genuinely nice person who treated everyone he met with respect.

In many ways, Craig Fallon was the embodiment of the discipline, friendship and respect that Judo has within its core.

Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time and from all, at Neil Adams Effective Fighting we send our deepest condolences. 

Neil Adams MBE

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