About Neil Adams

 Neil Adams is one of the most recognised Judo players in the world. His career as a Judoka and coach have been well documented over the years.

He currently holds the rank of Judo 8th Dan and has also been an Olympic coach.  Neil was also awarded an MBE and ammassed a total of 5 European Titles,
2 Olympic Silver medals and a World Championship Gold. He is world-renowned for his technical excellence and as The Voice of Judo for his international commentary on the Judo World Circuit.

Neil Adams Effective Fighting Ltd is a company dedicated to the quality development of the Olympic sport of Judo at all levels. Our mission is to promote the technical development of judo & martial arts and create environments that aid in the forums of good sportsmanship, realizing goals, and overall health and fitness for individuals and families.

We offer services at the developmental level in the form of Coach Education seminars, technical demonstration and support services such as downloads, video analysis and master classes.

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