Balance Mat

Improve Your Kuzushi with the Balance Mat

The Neil Adams Balance Mat takes Neil's unique views on Kuzushi and allows you to train them directly in the dojo.

The mat fits right into your dojo and is a great teaching aid to explain to players how to improve their technique by the use of Kuzushi.

They have been specially printed with a Neil Adams Balance Lines design to help Judokas find and train their proper balance during Uchi komi.

Using his trademark, Vertical & Horizontal Balance Lines, the mat gives you a visual aid that also helps instructors with their club members when guiding them through technique instruction.

Available in Olive Green & Yellow ‚Äčand priced at ¬£198.00 please watch the video below to see just how effective the use of the balance mats can be during your training as Neil directly shows you how to Improve your technique. 

For those wanting to order a balance mat please contact us so we can arrange the best delivery option for you.

The video below to shows Neil's amazing Uchimata and then him teach the finer points of how to improve your own Uchimata using the balance mat

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