Discover The Neil Adams Essential Judo Package

Where Do You Want Your Judo Skill To Be In 6 Months Time? 

Most people have no focus in their training. It is a case that they turn up and go through the motions and then go home. However the very fact you are reading this page shows you care about your skill level and want to improve.

Perhaps you are getting thrown in Randori too often, perhaps you simply cannot get to your dojo due to work or family life and you need more training or maybe you want to make National team. Regardless of your current goals or skill levels, Essential Judo will help you.

After 50 years in Judo, Neil Adams MBE is considered one of the most knowledgeable Judoka's in the world and has not ony  been a World  Judo Champion but also a 2 x Olympic Medalist and 5 x European Judo Champion.

Essential Judo is the first part of the Neil Adams legacy project and ​is literally the ESSENTIAL elements of  Judo that you need to master both in standing Judo and on the ground. 

The Neil Adams MBE Essential Judo Training Package

Do You Want To Improve Your Judo Skills? 

Essential Judo will deliver the exact knowledge you require to improve your Judo skills​

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Watch Neil Adams In Action and Then Teaching How To Improve Your Technique

Neil was one of my main mentors throughout my judo career who helped me tremendously with my technical skills – especially with my tai otoshi, juji-gatame and newaza drills.

I used to train at the Neil Adams Club for 7 – 10 days at a time at least twice per year for many years. I owe a lot of the success in my career to Neil’s guidance and expertise, and forever will be grateful that he took the time to work with me.”

Jimmy Pedro

2012 & 2016 US Olympic Judo Coach

2 Time Olympic Medalist

World Judo Champion

Jimmy Pedro

Neil Adams is the bridge between performance, experience, and modern judo. His argumentative expertise can add value to each judoka.

Daniel Lascau President of Romanian Judo Federation

IJF Sport Director World Champion 1991

Daniel Lascau

It's without a doubt in my mind that Neil Adams helped me win a world title. Half way through a tough match against the Korean I heard Neil, who was coaching me from the matside, shout: "Sleeve! Sleeve first!" My arm shot out and I caught the sleeve. This pinned my opponent and allowed me to turn in and throw her for ippon: a crucial win for me against a fighter I had never beaten previously. Neil has a unique skill to be able to analyse judo like few other judoka in the world - and this technical excellence underpins all he does

Nicola Fairbrother

Olympic Silver Medal Winner and Former Judo World Champion

Nicola Fairbrother

I was lucky enough to train for 18 months as a student of Neil Adams, in his full-time international judo class in Coventry.

I can tell you without doubt that it was the best experience of my forty years in the martial arts.

To work under the direct tutelage of the greatest occidental judo player of his generation was (and remains) an honour for me.

Neil’s level of play was second to none but, more than that, it was his level of integrity, his kindness and his generosity that have stayed with me most.

Neil epitomises true Budo; ferocious and instinctive on the mat, gentle and unassuming in the world.

This polarity is rare and beautiful.

I consider Neil to be both a great teacher and a great friend.’

Geoff Thompson 8th Dan karate BCA, WCA

Geoff Thompson 

Who Is Neil Adams The Judoka? 

  • ​8th Dan  Judoka
  • World Judo Champion
  • 2 x Olympic Silver Medal Winner
  • 5 World Championship Medals between  1976-1985
  • European Judo Champion with 12 medals between 1974- 1985
  • British Champion with 21 medals between 1969-1988

​Welcome To Essential Judo

For the first time, you can learn the exact details  that make a technique work. No more guessing

Learn The Newaza Drill That Neil himself  used to help him  become better on the ground​

You will learn the exact details that you need to apply to your Judo  in order to  be successful 

A message from Neil Adams MBE

Essential Judo is our first step on our Quest for Technical Excellence. For any skills base, we need to start somewhere, and if we don't get the foundations right and solid, it's going to be a nightmare later on.

Bad habits are hard to break, so why not be sure that you are on firm footings right from the beginning!These skills are intentionally simplistic.

These fundamental skills are so important that we need to make them clear, concise, and easily replicated. Whether you are a newcomer to our sport or you're a coach with a nth degree black belt, these skills will create the solid base for your own judo journey or as an important reminder for your students of skills that get left behind as we take more techniques on.

My legacy is about creating quality skills and I really believe these videos are the essential skills needed to build on and to master before continuing on our quest.Thank you for joining me on my Quest and looking to be as effective a martial artist as you can be. Enjoy!

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

Neil Adams Competitive Success

World Judo Champion

British Judo Champion 1977- 1988

​Junior British Judo Champion 1969-1974

​In total 12 European medals and 5 World medals with 2 Olympics Medals between the years of 1977-85

  • For the first time, Neil Adams breaks down  what you need to know!
  • This is not a technique course, this is all about learning  what makes techniques work
  • By learning these key aspects your Judo will develop far faster than before
  • The key points of Neil Adams Judo game are finally uncovered and available for you to see
  • 23 Videos are available on all your devices, packed with drills, fine points and training concepts to help you.
  • You will be given the knowledge  that will make your Judo stronger and more effective on the ground and on your feet

This Is A Judo Product Like Nothing Seen Before

Learn The Secrets That Helped Neil Adams Win A World Title

We know you are busy. With work and family commitments it is tough for you to get to  the dojo as often as you like.  That is why Essential Judo was created. It does not go over every technique in Judo. Instead,  it reveals the secrets that make Judo techniques work against an opponent of any level!

There is  zero fluff in Essential Judo. You will see Neil Adams perform the techniques the way  you should be performing them and with every technique you will have the key training factors pointed out to you. 

Have you ever read a Neil Adams Judo Book?

If you are a Judo player or coach there is a  good chance that you have read a Judo book written by Neil  Adams MBE. Many people still use those books to improve their Judo skills. 

The Essential Judo Pack is like being able to open one of Neil's books and see him in action, see the details that make his techniques work and it will give you the chance to learn from one of the world's best Judo coaches. 

Opportunities to learn from Judoka like Neil are few and far between and the challenge for this training pack was to take Judo down to its essential skills.  

The result is the Neil Adams Essential Judo Pack.  A way for Judoka to look at Neil Adams and learn what they NEED to  know.

What You Get In The Essential Judo Training Pack

Essential Judo  is a single purchase on-line course. There are no monthly fees. You pay once and have this package for a lifetime.

Once your payment has been completed you will  be given access to our specially designed on-line platform. Please note, no physical product is shipped.

​Essential Judo has 23 videos that can be played on any device.

Please note that these videos are payable only within the on-line platform. There is no download feature​

All The Techniques That Made Neil Adams Famous Are Covered  In The Training Package

Let's Look Inside The Training Pack..................

Essential Judo has been created using the very best digital platform software in the world. Once inside the course, you will have immediate access to every video and trust us inside each video we have compressed the Essential Judo into every second.

We have not wasted a single second of footage! We filmed for hours and spent even longer editing the footage and the goal was to create a training product that you will come back to again and again. Every frame of footage contains something you can learn from.  

Who Is Essential Judo  For?

Essential Judo Is Right For You If........

  • You are a player who wants to improve
  • You are a coach who wants to learn more
  • You want to throw more opponents
  • You want to tap out more fighters on the  ground

"But I Am Only A Beginner, Is This Right For Me?"

The focus is not about learning variations of techniques to try and somehow get a score, instead, we will show you how to make techniques work! 

Neil Adams is known across the globe for his classical Judo which made him a World Champion and 2 x Olympic medal winner. During his career, he  won matches with his devastating Tai-otoshi and Juji gatame and for the first time Neil will perform these techniques and  you will learn  the key points that make them work, all you will need to do is study and train hard

What Exactly Is Covered?

Over the course of 23 videos that are full of tips, drills and techniques  you will see Neil Adams perform his Juji  Gatame, Kouchi Gari, Osoto Gari,  Ouchi  Gari and of course, his world famous Tai otoshi!

But wait that is not all....​

​You will also see Neil teach techniques to students pointing out key areas for improvement, you will see  Newaza gripping strategies, Drills for both movement on the feet, movement on the ground and much much more!!

"I would love to buy this but I haven't got time to watch hours of footage"

We understand that the modern world is a very busy place and as such you need a product that fits in with your life. Essential Judo has been developed with the end user in mind. It is a laser focused product designed to improve your technical excellence. As such the video is full of techniques, drills and more and it is served up to you at a very fast pace. 

With zero fluff and  zero time wasted we have created a product that is jam packed with knowledge and we have used  cutting edge technology to host those videos to ensure you have the fastest viewing experience.

All the Neil Adams Essential Judo Videos are hosted on the Wistia Video Platform which uses technolgy to  ensure you have the best possible viewing experience with the least buffering on  ANY device!

That Is Not All!!

ForThose Of You That Buy Essential Judo At This Reduced Price We Have Included 6 Bonus Videos: Giving You Access To 29 Videos in Total!!

Bonus Video 1: Neil Adams and Olympic and World Champion Kayla Harrison

The first bonus video features World and Olympic Champion Kayla Harrison as Neil reveals a key training secret that will help you to become more  successful in Judo.

Bonus Video 2

In this bonus video, Neil provides some important details in training Osoto Gari

Bonus Video 3

Kosoto Gari: In this video Neil Adams shows you how you should be training

Bonus Video 4

Neil's Newaza is world famous and this  bonus video provides some great advice on cutting  on reducing the dangers  of being caught in the transition from Tachiwaza to Newaza

Bonus Video 5

This bonus features more Newaza as Neil teaches you how to create space on the ground

Bonus Video 6

Tai otoshi is  one of the throws Neil is famous for and this video shows Neils Moving Uchikomi for Tai otoshi

This Package Will Help  Any Player: Old or Young, Experienced or Novice, Coach or Athlete

Get The Neil Adams Essential Judo pack 

Get Essential Judo For

Only $24.95!!!

Please note this is a digital product. All videos are played from within a web platform and no physical product is shipped. Videos can not be downloaded and must be played within the site. An internet connection is required.

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