Can You Win The Neil Adams Competition?

Win a Unique Neil Adams Commentary on Your Footage!! Imagine the ‘Voice of Judo’ Neil Adams commentating on your randori or competition footage? Well,  that’s exactly what is up  for grabs! You have until  31st August 2015 to send in your best impressions of Neil Adams himself!! So here is  what you can do-  get […]

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The Ultimate Guide of Judo Exercises

The Official Neil Adams Ultimate Guide of Judo Exercises ​ Hello and welcome to the official Neil Adams Ultimate Guide of Judo Exercises. This really is a specific guide that will take you through a variety of training methods that you can do to enhance the fitness levels required for Judo. Over the course of […]

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5 Ways To Improve Your Newaza

​ In today’s article we are going to be looking at ways that you can improve your Newaza. By using these together and by training in a more focused manner, your Judo will improve quickly. ​ 1. Improve Balance Balance is one of the key factors in Newaza and is often over looked by many. […]

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