Can You Win The Neil Adams Competition?

Win a Unique Neil Adams Commentary on Your Footage!!

Imagine the ‘Voice of Judo’ Neil Adams commentating on your randori or competition footage?

Well,  that’s exactly what is up  for grabs!

You have until  31st August 2015 to send in your best impressions of Neil Adams himself!!

So here is  what you can do-  get your camera and record yourself on it doing an impression of Neil and then send it to our Neil  Adams  Effective Fighting Facebook Page!!

You can upload on a Facebook video and either add to our page or send it via a message or do it on YouTube and upload the link.

Neil will decide who the winner is when he judges the best of the videos and announces the winner

Want some inspiration? Here is Neil in action:

Now do you want to see your prize? Well  here is an example:

So there you have it- lets see who will  enter!!




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