Revealed.....the PROVEN Way to OUT GRIP any opponent and WIN more JUDO MATCHES

The Neil Adams Grip Fighting Workshop

 The Secrets To Out Gripping Your Opponents.......No Matter How Experienced They Are

I was contacted by a grappler recently who told me they were about to give up.

They told me that they were getting destroyed in their contests and in club Randori.

The thing is.....they knew Judo.

They had passed their gradings and could perform their techniques on a willing UKE.

But in Randori and contest things changed.

They were stuck being out gripped.

And here's the thing..........they were being out gripped by less skilled Judo players.

Judoka who they know they could beat.

And yes....sometimes even strong beginners were proving to be difficult.

But they are not alone.............

Most People Struggle To Out Grip Their Opponents 

There is a problem with Judo right now.

People learn techniques but they struggle to make them work against a resisting opponent

Sure.....they know how to perform a Seoi Nage or an Uchimata.

Ask them and they will show you.

But when faced with a real life opponent they can't get those techniques to work.


Because your opponent isn't gripping you the way that you need them to.

They aren't playing along with what you want them to do.

They aren't in the right position for your throw to work.

But I have a secret to tell you.

Not everyone struggles to make their techniques to work.

In fact, for Judokas that know the secret to gripping, not only do they thrive on the mat but many seem to win matches almost effortlessly.

They dominate in Randori.

And they make every Judoka feel almost powerless when they face them on the mat.

But here's the best bit........

Right now, in this page I am going to tell you what the secret to grip fighting actually is.

But first let me tell you a little story.

The Secret Of Out Gripping Any Opponent

You might look at fighters such as Ono or Inoue and be amazed at their ability on the mat.

And yes, they are incredible Judoka, not only technically but they possess a fighting spirit that inspires us all.

But that is not the secret to their Judo.

They didn't become legends of Judo because they are only able to perform techniques with precision.

No......they became legends because they were able to perform techniques against fully resisting opponents of the highest level.

So how do they do that? 

How can they perform their techniques against the very highest levels of opponent and you are struggling to make your techniques work in your clubs against those with far less skills?

Well, let's find out.

Hi, I'm Neil Adams.

Many of you might know me as the Voice Of Judo as I am a commentator of Judo at World and Olympic Events.

But what you might not know is that I am a former World Champion, 2 x Olympic Medalist 5 x Time World Medalist, and Former European Champion.

And now I am a 9th Dan in Judo and work as an IJF Referee Supervisor.

I say this not to brag, but after 50+ years of judo at the highest level, I feel I have a decent grasp of the Art and Sport.

But it wasn't always this way.

I have faced the exact same battles that you face today.

I struggled to make my throws work.

I struggled to defeat stronger, awkward fighters despite my technical ability being better than theirs.

And I have struggled to win Judo matches that on paper I should have won easily.

But things changed when I discovered the secret that I am about to share with you today.

But let me explain how I learned this secret and why it changed my Judo game forever.

In Japan Judo Isn't A Sport It Is A Way Of Life

As a youngster I was very lucky to have the privelage to spend many months in the home of Judo, the land of the rising sun, Japan.

It was there that my Judo developed in ways that I never dreamed of.

Sure, I was fit and I was strong, but I would find that I was beaten by players who weren't considered even near my level.

I couldn't understand what was going on.

But thanks to my study of my practices with these warriors, I quickly saw what I had to do.

The answer was there, waiting for me.

And I learned one of the biggest secrets of Judo.

A secret that I used to win my world title against a legendary Japanese Judoka.

So, what is that secret?

The Judo Secret That Changed My Life

Hour after hour of Randori in Japan combined with some of the best instruction in the world taught me the key to grip fighting and that revolutionised my Judo forever.

And if you study legends like Inoue, Ono and many others you will see that secret on display.

And right now I am going to share that with you today...........

The secret to mastering grip fighting and throwing opponents with ease is knowing how to Move Your Opponent On The Mat.

Yes, you heard that correctly.

We all know how to perform techniques.

We all know basic grip breaks.

And we all know how to take a grip onto a jacket.

But where most people struggle to make any impact is moving your opponent into a position where they can be thrown with ease.

It Doesn't Take Much To Reduce You To  White Belt Level

How does it feel being out gripped?

You feel helpless.

You feel incapcitated.

You feel defeated before you even get a grip.

You feel like a white belt again.

When you are being out gripped you can't move your arms to break balance, you can't turn in for any techniques and you can't throw your opponent.

You are stuck to the spot, barely able to move and you have no chance of throwing your opponent.

And that is why you are unable to win in either Randori or a contest.

But it doesn't have to be this way..........

When I was taught that the secret of gripping was in fact movement, my game completely changed.

Suddenly I was able to defeat my opponents with ease.

I was able to dominate my opponents in Randori and contest.

And I wasn't using stiff or power based Judo.

I could move people around, gripping them positively.

Nullifying their grips and when required breaking their grips with ease.

Take a look at this old footage of me in action during a Randori.

Notice how I use each grip and how they work for me. Gaining the advantage was my goal.

Movement Allows You To Out Grip And Throw With Ease

Over my Judo career I have had the pleasure of fighting all over the planet and coaching Judoka of all levels.

I have been on the mat and fought with legends in every corner of the planet.

And my gripping was the core of my Judo.

But it wasn't just getting a grip that was key for me.

It was getting the right grip, at the right time and attacking once I had that grip.

And all of that was only made possible when I added movement into my gripping.

Movement allowed me to change my angle and capture the grips I wanted (while stopping them from attacking me).

Movement allowed me to take those grips  and use them, pulling my partner across the mat and moving their body into the perfect attacking position.

And finally, movement allowed me to throw my opponents with ease.

It's Not Your Fault You Can't Throw Your Opponents For Ippon

You might be reading this and thinking 'I haven't been taught this by my coach'. 

That's understandable.

I have been really lucky to have trained with many world class Judoka and it is from this training that I learned how to grip for success on the mat.

And over the course of thousands of Judo matches at the highest levels I have learned more about grip fighting than could be covered in any standard Judo lesson.

But I want to share this information with you.

I want to teach you a way to grip that will dramatically improve your Judo.

I want you to dominate on the mat.

Enter: The Neil Adams Grip Fighting Workshop

It was at the end of February 2020 where I invited a small number of Judoka to my private Dojo to learn my grip fighting secrets.

And over 4 hours I broke down the skills that can totally transform their Judo.

Well, we recorded that workshop and have edited it down to give you over 2 hours of grip fighting knowledge that you can learn from and use to make your Judo more effective.

This isn't some kind of step by step 'system' of gripping.

This is over 50 years of grip fighting knowledge given to you so you can dominate on the mat.

Let's have a look at what you will learn

What Is Covered

Grip Fighting Specific Warm Ups

You might be using traditional warm ups at your club, in this video I teach you a range of grip fighting warms ups.

These are excellent to use at any Judo club and you will learn some hidden tips on how to catch the lapel and sleeve.

Gripping For Kuzushi

Anyone can grab a Judo Gi, but the art of using your grip to break balance is where most Judoka struggle.

Over 3 video lessons  I break down how to use the traditional grips to move your opponent around and break their balance....and you will learn my favourite drills to maximise your potential.

Kuzushi Development

So you have the grips you are you going to make them work?

I will teach you how to avoid being penalised for false attacks and how to use the grips to throw your attacker.

You will learn how to use your grips and body to generate force and pin your opponents weight to make your throws work with ease.

Bear Hugs

Do you know how to throw using a bear hug?

Do you know what is legal in Judo?

Do you know how to grip with this powerful technique?

I break it down for you in this video lesson.

The Korean Grip

The Korean Grip is known for it's control and power and I am going to teach you how to use it to throw your opponents.

I cover the rules of using this throw and how use it in a positive way.

The Pocket Grip

There is very little instruction available on the pocket grip.

And over several videos I break this grip tactic down and how you can use it to control and throw your opponent with ease. 

Positive v Negative Gripping 

There is a wide difference between gripping positively and negatively and in this training you will learn not only how to grip positively but how to avoid a penalty.

This single concept has the potential to change your Judo!

Positively Breaking Grips

In one of the largest video lessons I teach you how to break grips with ease.

And not only with ease but doing so in a way that allows you to attack and be positive in the eyes of the referees.

In addition I show you my best methods for taking off the grips in order to use your throws.

Grips For Newaza

In this section I break down a real life gripping exchange on the ground and the key learning points.

I go through some exciting gripping concepts and how to use them to win on the ground.

And Much Much More...........

Over 19 videos and 2 hours of content.

Who Is Neil Adams The Judoka? 

  • 9th Dan  Judoka
  • World Judo Champion
  • 2 x Olympic Silver Medal Winner
  • 5 World Championship Medals between  1976-1985
  • European Judo Champion with 12 medals between 1974- 1985
  • British Champion with 21 medals between 1969-1988

So.....What does this cost?

For 2 hours of private training with one of the highest ranked Martial artists and grapplers on the planet we could have easily charged over $300 for this training.

But instead we want to make this as accessible as we can for all budgets.

And so we have priced the training at a rate that everyone can afford


When will these recordings be available?

Once you have paid you will get access to them straight away.

Can I download them?

Yes, the content will be available for download to your devices.

Can I have a refund?

As these are recordings of a live event we cannot provide you with are receiving knowledge that took Neil a lifetime to acquire, as such no refunds are available. 

© Neil Adams Effective Fighting Ltd

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