How To Fold Your Judo Gi (The Right Way)

Your Judo Gi is the tool of your trade and without it, Judo would not be possible so we should treat our kit with respect. ​

You probably spent a lot of money on your new Judo Gi but you throw it inside your kit bag, all screwed up after training. Wouldn't it be both better and more appealing to give your Judo Gi some love and appreciation by folding it up before and after training?

Sadly so many Judo and BJJ players do not know how to fold their Gi so we decided to put together a video and a break down post so you have no excuses.

After a few minutes you will have this skill mastered and your Gi​ will always look great instead of being full of creases. 

Ready, let's begin​ with the video:

Now if that was too fast follow our step by step guide below and you will soon have it mastered. 

Step 1: Lay The Gi Out​

Step 2: Fold Left Over Right

Step 3: Fold Left Arm Across

Step 4: Fold Right Arm Across

Step 5: Take The Far Side

Step 6: Fold Jacket In Half

Step 7: Lay Out The Trousers

Step 8: Take Hold Of The Waist

Step 9: Fold The Trousers

Step 10: Fold The Trousers In Half Again

Step 11: Place Trousers On The Gi

Step 12: Fold Gi To Middle

Step: 13 Fold Again

Step 14: Get Your Belt

Step 15: Place The Gi Onto The Belt

Step 16: Thread The Belt Through The Loop

Step 17: Pull The Belt Through The Loop

And You Have Finished

So there you have it, you have no excuse now. So if you have a training partner or a student that comes to class with their Gi looking as if they screwed it up and threw it into their kit bag after training share this post with them.

Thanks for reading

Neil Adams MBE​

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