How to Promote Your Judo Club to 1000’s of People Each Week- For Free

How To Promote Your Judo Club For Free

One of the biggest challenges facing Judo clubs right now is how to grow Judo.

In basic terms we need to get more people into our great sport and tell people more about what we are doing.

There are of course a range of methods you can utilise, some old and some new.

From very simple ones such as using posters, handing out leaflets outside local schools and you could even ring the local newspaper up and tell them about what you are doing.

However I am going to share with you today a tactic that will dramatically increase how you Judo school is promoted and in turn this method will show the Judo school to 1000’s of people most of which will reside in the local area of your school.

The best part of this method is that it is free to do!

The technique is called Social Media Criss Crossing and it is something that is currently being taught to Fitness Professionals and personal trainers across the world to help them increase the clients they have. Judo clubs can jump all over this technique and really promote your Judo club within the local community.

Social Media “Criss Crossing”

As we just stated social media criss crossing is something used in the fitness industry however Judo clubs rarely use it, or they do not use it to its full potential.

The basic aim of this is to start using Facebook ‘tags’ in a more calculated manner however the first port of call involves your Facebook page.

A simple Facebook page can be a major way for a Judo club to promote itself if they have set their page up correctly.

Firstly you need to have you page with a clear ‘about page’ which tells anyone visiting the page when you train, your website details (you need to have one), the ages that can train, the prices and how to get in touch. This is basic stuff however it really is so often missed by people who set up pages on Facebook. It is all about giving the relevant information to page visitors. This is especially important if your club doesn’t have a website but again you should look to get a website for your club as it really is essential these days..

How to Criss Cross

The idea behind this strategy is all about ‘engagement’. Now that basically means getting people to like or comment on what you are posting. So here is what people normally do to promote their Judo Clubs on Facebook:

At the end of the night someone says “team photo” and very tired people stand together and the photo gets taken and uploaded onto the clubs page. Sometimes people are tagged in and sometime not.

Here is how the fitness industry do this:

Personal Trainers go around and take photos of individual people working out, get some poses and then post online on the gyms facebook page and then tag that person into the photo. Now all of that persons friends could see that photo and not just those that like the gym page.

If the photo is specific to that person then their friends are more like, click or comment and as such more people are seeing the gym. Judo can do exactly this same approach.

Once you get the basic idea you can multiply this effect greatly, however you do need to be creative, get shots of people being thrown, get poses with the gi’s on, arm locks etc etc.

This really is a case of trying to make the shots fun but impressive. Then simply upload and tag the person in the shot.

The magic is in the tagging and making those shots quite personal. Not group shots but individual shots of people doing cool stuff. This is the key!!! Its all about the individuals.

The image below is from Facebooks guide on how to tag people into photos and you will note (where we have white highlighted) that it states:

“Keep in mind that when you tag someone in a photo that persons friends may also see, like or comment on the photo”

So really Facebook have told you just exactly why you should be using this method!

One of the largest motivating factors for Judo is the social side. Let’s show them just how much fun Judo is.

Get People Talking About Judo

People talk about Facebook, after all people check their social feeds numerous times a day and as such people will talk to you about the things you post. They might stop you and say “wow great picture, what’s that you were doing?” then you have a chance to educate them or even ask them if they want to come down for a Judo session.

Very often they will say no, but they might also say “But I do know a mate of mine who might be interested I will let him know”.

It all helps and  it builds up over time as lots of people start to see the Judo club each week and this can only be a good thing.​ However one thing will happen, by the very nature of how Facebook works your Judo club will be seen by 1000's of people for free!! 

I hope you have enjoyed this article and let us know who you go on using this method. The point here is to work smarter and not harder. Judo can benefit from more people taking part and this one activity that takes minutes to do could actually showcase Judo to 1000’s of people each week and if the fitness industry are using it to great affect then it could easily help Judo as well

Effective Judo

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