How To Throw An Opponent With Ouchi Gari

Welcome to the our guide to throwing an  opponent with Ouchi Gari.

What Is Ouchi Gari?

Ouchi Gari can be described as a major inner reaping throw.

It is classed as Ashi-Waza (a foot/leg technique) and was developed by the founder of Judo Jigoro Kano.

In this guide, I will teach you how to improve your technique so you can throw more people and use Ouchi Gari more effectively as a technique on its own or as a part of a combination.

Ready? Let's do this.

One Of The Most Important Issues With Ouchi Gari

One of the most important issues with Ouchi Gari is the failure to gain the correct line of attack.

A common fault of people is that they try to gain power into their Ouchi and in doing this they 'dip' to one side.

The reason people 'dip' is because they haven't got the correct drive off the back leg.

So, it is especially important to sort out the ability to drive 'off the back leg' (watch the video below where I show this in action).

The Importance Of The Hands And Feet Working Together

The next step is to get the hands working with the feet.

The sleeve hand (what I call the Control Hand) will be pushed towards the midsection of the opponent's body, whereas the lapel hand (Direction Hand) needs to go directly up over the shoulder with the elbow/ forearm coming down onto the opponent's chest and you need to drive the opponent backwards along the vertical balance line.

The Importance Of The Head

As we have discussed early, an issue with Ouchi Gari that people have is that they tend to 'dip' so that they can gain power.

The power comes from pushing off the back leg, so what you need to remember is that the head does not need to go past the opponent's shoulder line.

You can throw with your head in front of theirs (it is up to you), but the second you dip is the moment you lose the power in the technique.

Making Sure Everything Works Together

The final part is to make sure you put this all together.

1. Drive off the back leg.

2. Make sure the sleeve and lapel hand are working together towards the centre and vertical balance line

(Balance lines is a concept I devised to discuss Kuzushi, our specially create balance line mat shows the vertical balance line and is a great tool to use in your training, click here to learn more)

To understand balance lines further the video below will assist:

3. Ensure your head is in the correct position.

4. Drive the opponent backwards.

OK, so now you have understood what is required make sure you watch the short instructional video I have made showing the above points in more depth.


Ouchi Gari is a technique taught to beginners yet has remained an effective competition technique at even the highest levels.

By mastering the above key points you will find your Ouchi Gari to be far more effective.

Thank you.

Neil Adams MBE

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