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Judo Excellence is Here!

"Finally, you have a way to learn more about Judo than you ever thought possible."

Do You Look At International Judo And Think "I can't be that good"?

Well, you are wrong!

Many people give up on improving their Judo. They go to training week in and week out but never improve. However, your Judo doesn't have to be like that. You can make huge improvements if you focus on the key aspects of your throws. And Judo Excellence is there to help you to attain a level of Judo skill that you never thought was possible. 

At this stage, you might be wondering what Judo Excellence is an what makes it so special. Don't worry by the end of this page you will be in doubt how Judo Excellence will take your Judo to a new level.

Judo Excellence brings something truly amazing to every Judoka on the planet. Finally, you have the ability to learn every Judo throw in the Gokyo in intricate detail. 

Over 2 hours of footage with voice over and performance by Neil Adams MBE​

Neil Adams MBE is a 8th Dan Judo player who is known across the world for his technical excellence. The 2 x Olympic Medal winner and World Judo Champion has taken 41 throws and broken them down in detail so you can learn the real secrets of what makes every throw work

"But I can get this on YouTube!"

Well, there is no doubt that a lot of Judo technique videos can be accessed for free on YouTube and before Judo Excellence was created the team behind it watched a lot of them. In every video, the essential details about what makes each Judo throw successful was missing and in a lot of cases the techniques were performed incorrectly. 

The result was that we felt that every Judo player and coach needed to have access to a product that placed the finest level of Judo education and video footage together, in an easy to access format and available for every budget. The result: Judo Excellence was born.

Judo Excellence Is All About Making Your Judo Excellent

Everyone wants to have excellent Judo. 

After all, no one started Judo to be terrible at it. However, somewhere along the way most people get lost in the race to do the minimum to obtain their next grade. 

​It is understandable, after all who doesn't want that coveted Black Belt? 

Then after the black belt is gained, people want to coach and help others, which is a superb idea. However, it is on this path from white belt to coach that people switch off. They look to pass a test and not become truly excellent at Judo. However, it doesn't have to be like that. 

Why Doesn't Your Judo Look Like This?

Below you will see footage of Neil Adams doing simple Uchikomi. Yes, he is a former World Champion, but look at the way he moves his body. Look at the throws he performs, they are the same ones that you train. He is a human being just like you. However, he has a higher level of technical knowledge because he has been taught by world class coaches and of course, he practised a lot. So watch the video and we will tell you how your Judo can improve dramatically. 

Do not fall into the trap that believing your Judo cannot become excellent. You just need to be taught the details that a world class coach knows. Until now, unless you had access to a world class coach or player this would have been simply impossible. What makes the Judo of Neil Adams look so beautiful is that he is able to apply all the details of every technique at the right time. His feet, his body, his hands all work together to create his high-level Judo.

You will now have all the knowledge you need to achieve the same results.  ​

It's All in the details!

Judo Excellence brings the details of every throw in the Gokyo together to become a resource like no other and there has never been a collective resource like this for Judo, ever!

Filmed with multiple camera angles. With performance and instruction by Neil Adams MBE you will learn everything to make your Judo Excellent

Is This A DVD?

No, we wanted Judo Excellence to be a product that can be accessed immediately and from anywhere in the world. For that reason, we have teamed with world's leading online platform 'Kajabi' and video experts Wistia to give Judo Excellence members an unparalleled experience. 

It takes seconds to access the product

Watch on any device, at any location in the globe

Video performance that is the best in the world

It is time to take your Judo to a new level.

Using multiple camera angles you will see every detail of each throw

Learn how to make every throw work

​41 throws, all covered in over 2 hours of combined footage

Imagine how good you would be if Neil Adams was your private coach: Imagine no longer

Neil Adams knows his Judo. After 50 years in the sport he has been both world champion and International Coach and many world class coaches and players seek out his advice on a regular basis. 

Now you can have access to the knowledge bank of Neil Adams. He will show you in intricate detail how to perform every technique to the best of your ability. There is no more guessing. 

Just think about it..... you have returned home after a long Judo session and you got caught with a few throws. That happens. After all, you tell yourself that it is part of Judo. However, no matter how hard you tried you couldn't throw your opponents. Your throws just didn't work. Sound familiar? Well just imagine being able to come home and use Judo Excellence and understand just what went wrong. With knowledge comes power and you will finally have the ability to see what has gone wrong and fix it!

Now Is The Time To Take Action To Become A Better Judoka and Coach

It is easy to convince yourself that you do not need Judo Excellence in your life. After all, you have access to YouTube. 

You will not find a resource like Judo Excellence anywhere on the internet. The power of Judo Excellence can not be underestimated. 

Even if you just add a few elements from each technique you will see improvements in your Judo. as a player or coach. 

Let's look at what is included

Packages For Every Budget

We understand that every Judo player and coach has a very different life. As such we have made Judo Excellence available for every budget type. 

Judo Excellence is a monthly membership platform. All you need to do is choose the level of Judo throws that suits your current goals.

If you are taking a grading simply look at which package works with the gradings of your organisation and then buy those. Once you have passed simply let us know and we will cancel your subscription and you can move onto the next grade.

However you might find that you want to have all the powerful knowledge at your fingertips, all the time! If that is you then we have a low-cost monthly subscription.

Cancel At Any Time​

If you are worried about cancelling your subscription. Don't be. Should you no longer need Judo Excellence it is super easy to cancel your subscription, or if you want to change packages we have made it easy to do this. Remember this package is within the world class Kajabi platform and we pride ourselves on great customer service. 

Judo Excellence Is The Training Product That Gives You All The Information You Need To Achieve Technical Excellence

  1. Choose a package that suits you
  2. Access At Any Time Via The Internet
  3. Learn and then practise

But Will This Really Make A Big Difference To My Judo? 

If you have reached this far you might have some doubts. 

You might be unsure if this is just another programme that is going to ​be nice to watch and that is all. 

Don't worry. This training package is part of Neil Adams Judo legacy........

Just consider that for a second. A man who has won Olympic medals and a world championship wants to leave a lasting legacy of his Judo knowledge for the world to use.

This product is only for those who want to improve their Judo ability. That is one of the core reasons is that this is a monthly membership package. We want you to value the 50 years of knowledge that is contained within Judo Excellence. Not to mention the amazing detail, close-ups and multiple angles the film crew were able to do. 

But if you want to see a snippet of the quality check out this Kuzushi video below and you will see the level of detail on offer, and don't forget that Judo Excellence has over 2 hours of high-quality footage. We teamed up with Fighting Films to bring you the best quality footage on the market. 

Now is Your Opportunity To Increase Your Knowledge and Judo skill


Right now there are 3 products that have been developed for Judoka that Neil Adams has been involved with. These are Essential Judo, Judo Excellence and Superstars Judo. Neil has put together a short video that will explain what all 3 products are for and why Judo Excellence is so important.  

So there you have it. All the reasons why you need to get involved with Judo Excellence. 

At this point, you have two options. You could do nothing, and carry on as you were. You might become a better Judoka over time if you have access to great coaches. Or you could take a huge step towards achieving technical excellence and join Judo Excellence today. 

The fact you have read this far proves that you are a smart Judo player or coach and in a few clicks, you will have access to the knowledge of Neil Adams MBE!

Click below to choose the package that suits

Become the Judo player you always wanted to be.

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