REVEALED: The complete armlock system that will help you to tap out any opponent on the mat

If you would like to Discover how to become near invincible on the ground then YOU NEED TO READ THIS PAGE

If you want to be able to go to any Judo or BJJ class and tap out everyone on the mat, regardless of your current belt colour, then this page will show you how.

But first, let me tell you a short story.

How A Young Englishman Shocked The World And Crushed A Nation

If you ask anyone in the world, which nation do they think about when it comes to Judo, the answer will likely to be Japan.

And for a good reason. 

Not only was Judo founded in the land of the rising sun, but it is also their national obsession.

Judo in Japan is a serious sport.

And if you attend a dojo in Japan, you will find high-quality fighters of all ages on the mat.

To say the quality of Japanese grappling is high is an understatement.

And for that reason, for many years they dominated the sport of Judo as a nation.

Winning almost every match they fought.

And that is how it went, for decades.

But one young Englishman had other ideas.

The Judo Title That Japan Never Lost

Japan had never lost the Middleweight Judo world championship.

And for good reason.  

In Japan, they have an abundance of people fighting in that weight division.

Making it one of their most competitive of weights and most revered of titles.

It is a crown that they always wanted to retain, and until 1981, that's what happened.

However, this time it was different.

Because the Japanese had a major problem that hadn't prepared for.

A young British man was about to step onto the mat in the final to face the pride of Japan, Jiro Kase.

Kase was a phenomenal Judoka who had defeated everyone in his nation to win the prized All Japan Judo Championships.

And many viewed him as the best Judoka on the planet at Middleweight.

However, the Japanese hadn't worried enough about the young British Judoka, who had one of the most devastating armlocks on the planet.

And within minutes, the hopes of Japan had been shattered.

Because in front of a huge crowd, their top fighter was lying on his back with his arm outstretched.

That is the moment that the young Brit shook the world.

Kase tapped out to avoid having his arm broken by one of the best arm lock technicians on the planet.

In one moment, Japan had lost the world middleweight crown.

But it wasn't an accident.

No, Kase had fallen victim to an armlock system devised by the young British fighter.

A system that won him fights against the best grapplers on the planet.

A system that allowed him to win matches he shouldn't have won on paper.

A system that has been taught to and helped some of the best fighters in the world to win Olympic and World titles.

And now, it is time to teach you that system.

The Armlock System That People Travelled Across The Planet To Learn

Hi, I'm Neil Adams.

Many of you might know me as the Voice Of Judo as I am a commentator of Judo at World and Olympic Events.

But what you might not know is that I am a former World Champion, 2 x Olympic Medalist 5 x Time World Medalist, and 5 x European Champion.

And now I am a 9th Dan in Judo and work as an IJF Referee Supervisor.

And if you hadn't guessed it.

I was the young British man in the story above.

And that Juji and subsequent wins with that technique gained me the respect of martial artists from all over the world.

But I wasn't always this way.

In fact, it was a shocking defeat on the ground that changed my Judo career.

"I swore I would never lose on the ground again"

It was 1978, and I was in the finals of the British Open.

There I was, a packed out crowd and I faced the Frenchman Jean-Pierre Gilbert.

I took him down to the ground with a nice foot sweep, but that is where I found out my vulnerability on the ground.

In seconds my dominance was destroyed, and I was tapping out to the Frenchman.

I had not only lost but lost the final of the British Open.

After that day, I swore that no one would defeat me like that again, and I set about learning the groundwork game in ways I had never done before.

I studied the legends of the past and present, I trained with Newaza experts across the planet, and I quickly improved.

Within 2 years, I was considered unbeatable on the ground and feared by all of my opponents.

But it wasn't my skill on the ground that they feared.

It was that they all knew what I was going to do and that they couldn't prevent it.

They knew that the second the fight went to the mat I was on the hunt like a predator in the wild.

My prey was their arm.

Yes, I had become invincible because I had developed an attack system of Juji Gatame that meant that once they hit the ground, they were in danger.

In the end, very often, the win became inevitable.

Since my competition days, I’ve been fortunate to be recognised by the highest level in martial arts and have sought me out specifically to teach them Juji Gatame

Olympic champions, world champions and legends from MMA and BJJ have travelled for hours and even across entire oceans to learn my system for defeating opponents with arm locks.

And finally, I am releasing my ENTIRE system that can turn you into a groundwork specialist that people will dread facing.


Juji Gatame: The Ultimate Study

Juji Gatame The Ultimate Study is the latest online training course in my legacy series.

And over the course of 3 hours and 95 Videos of in-depth training contained within 15 modules, I break down the devastating arm lock of Juji Gatame in detail like never before and cover aspects of the technique that I have never taught to anyone except my International Elite Players.

Let's take a look inside each module to see what you will learn



Introduction And Classic Footage

In this introductory module, Neil welcomes you to the course, outlines the learning objectives, and you get to watch some classic footage of Neil in action.



Juji Gatame Specific Warm Up Drills To Improve Muscle Memory

Warm-ups should be functional, and in this module, Neil breaks down his favourite games and warm-up drills that you can use to improve your Juji Gatame.



Hand Placement Training To Turn You Into An Arm Collector

The hands are a must when it comes to Juji-Gatame, but how do you use them, and where should you grip?

In this module, Neil provides you with 7 instructional videos that teach you not only where your hands should be during various parts of the attack, but also how to deal with the opponent's hands too.



Body Placement To Ensure Maximum Leverage

Most attacks fail because of poor positioning.

In this module, you will learn the angles, positions, and the readjustments that will turn you into an arm lock specialist that people dread to face.



Feet Placement & Leg Control

The legs and feet play a critical role in a successful Juji attack.

In this module, Neil walks you through the correct leg positions and the secret behind the famous Neil Adams style Juji Gatame lift.



Control The Head And You Control The Opponent

The head determines the direction, and in this module, Neil breaks down his techniques, tips and strategies to ensure the opponent goes in the direction you want and how to control them so they can't escape.



Transitions From Standing To The Ground

In this module, you will learn how to strategically create opportunities to attack with Juji Gatame.

From the classic throws to creating options while on the ground.

This single module will show you how to take your opponent down and then move straight into the arm lock.



Breaking Grips


We have all been there. An opponent that has a grip so strong that only a crowbar would break it.

Well, you will never again be faced with that situation as Neil reveals his strategies and techniques for breaking the most monstrous grip so you can complete the arm lock and win.



How To Escape Even The Best Juji Gatame

When you are a master of Juji Gatame, your opponents would love nothing more than submitting you with your own technique.

So, over the years Neil also became a master of defence and escape.
And in this module, Neil takes you through his proven escapes that will make submitting you next to impossible.



Ground Work Combinations


Once you become great at Juji, you will notice how opponents will try and block your technique.

So you need to be able to mix and match your attacks to truly confuse and overwhelm them.

In this module, you will discover a range of combinations on the ground that will see you tapping out your opponents each time you are on the floor.



Counter Attacks

Few people realise the power of counter-attacking a takedown with Juji Gatame.

And in this module, you will learn how to rapidly go from being on the receiving end of a takedown to tapping them out in seconds.



Faults And Fixes


So, you have the technique, but sometimes the armlock still won't work.

Well, it is probably because you have made one or more of the most common mistakes.

So, in this module, you will discover the most common faults that happen when applying Juji Gatame and how to fix them.



Drills And Uchikomi To Ensure You Become An Arm Lock Assassin

With all of Neil's arm lock system in your mind, you are going to need to drill what you have learned so that it is embedded deep within your muscle memory.

In this module, Neil shares his most practical drills, so you don't only know how to apply Juji Gatame like an expert; you can actually do it on the mat.




Demonstrations By The Expert


In this module, Neil has been filmed demonstrating the techniques without instruction.

This is great for a fast refresh and lets you see the full techniques without coaching. (This is great for when you are training at your club).



Case Studies Of The Best Armlocks In The World

In this final module, Neil breaks down some of the best arm locks and Newaza skills on the planet.

From Ronda Rousey to Neil Eckersley, Flavio Canto and more.

You will learn how these stars use Juji Gatame to dominate on the mat.

Over 95 Videos, Totalling 3 hours of Training That Breaks Down Juji Gatame So You Can Start Submitting People On The Mat And Become A Feared Newaza Expert 

Who Is Neil Adams The Judoka? 

  • 9th Dan  Judoka
  • World Judo Champion
  • 2x Olympic Silver Medal Winner
  • 5x World Championship Medals between  1976-1985
  • European Judo Champion with 7 further medals between 1974- 1985
  • British Champion with 21 gold medals between 1969-1988

Who Is This For?


So there you have it, my  Ultimate Study Of Juji Gatame 

A proven system of using Juji Gatame  to defeat opponent's in Judo and or BJJ.

But who is this master class for?

Well, if you answer yes to any of these questions then Juji Gatame: The Ultimate Study is for you.


You are a coach who is looking to help your players to perfect Juji Gatame.


You are a club player that wants to start to tap out more people in training and competition.


You are a competitive Judoka that wants to shine on the mat and win more contests.


You are a beginner that wants to ensure you develop faster and perfect your technique.


You're a BJJ player that wants to learn to arm lock people with ease.

So, if you answered yes to any of the above let's just go over again, some of the nuggets you are going to learn in this course

  • The Secret, almost automatic way to ensure that your opponent lands on their back almost ready to tap out (if you are a BJJ player, you are going to love this).
  • The biggest and maybe most common mistake people make when trying to turn people onto their back for the arm lock, fix this, and your submission ratio will rise instantly.
  • A 5 Second exercise that will have you applying Juji Gatame at lightning speed (if you practise this you could become so fast that your opponents won't even know what's happening).
  • The surest way control to the opponents head so they can't escape (this will help you beat vastly more experienced fighters on the mat).
  • A single little used secret Neil uses to destroy and pass an opponents guard. (This is something that changes the game especially if you are a Judo player grappling in the club with a BJJ player, for BJJ players, no one will see this technique coming.)
  • The major flaw in 99% of failed arm lock rolls that if you know will likely to double your submission rate instantly.
  • The great secret of choosing the right angle to attack, get this wrong and your armlock is doomed before you have even begun.
  • How to submit people, even when they have a vice-like grip that virtually no one can break.
  • And much much more.

But Wait...I have more.

I want to ensure you have no excuses NOT to jump on this fantastic deal,

so if you buy Juji Gatame: The Ultimate Study I have not one but 2 bonuses.

Bonus 1.

The Neil Adams Grip Fighting Workshop


The Secrets To Out Gripping Your Opponents.......No Matter How Experienced They Are

It was at the end of February 2020 where I invited a small number of Judoka to my private Dojo to learn my grip fighting secrets.

And over 4 hours I broke down the skills that can totally transform their Judo.

Well, we recorded that workshop and have edited it down to give you over 2 hours of grip fighting knowledge that you can learn from and use to make your Judo more effective.

This isn't some kind of step by step 'system' of gripping.

This is over 50 years of grip fighting knowledge given to you so you can dominate on the mat.

Let's have a look at what you will learn:

What Is Covered

Grip Fighting Specific Warm Ups

You might be using traditional warm ups at your club, in this video I teach you a range of grip fighting warms ups.

These are excellent to use at any Judo club and you will learn some hidden tips on how to catch the lapel and sleeve.

Gripping For Kuzushi

Anyone can grab a Judo Gi, but the art of using your grip to break balance is where most Judoka struggle.

Over 3 video lessons  I break down how to use the traditional grips to move your opponent around and break their balance....and you will learn my favourite drills to maximise your potential.

Kuzushi Development

So you have the grips you are you going to make them work?

I will teach you how to avoid being penalised for false attacks and how to use the grips to throw your attacker.

You will learn how to use your grips and body to generate force and pin your opponents weight to make your throws work with ease.

Bear Hugs

Do you know how to throw using a bear hug?

Do you know what is legal in Judo?

Do you know how to grip with this powerful technique?

I break it down for you in this video lesson.

The Korean Grip

The Korean Grip is known for it's control and power and I am going to teach you how to use it to throw your opponents.

I cover the rules of using this throw and how use it in a positive way.

The Pocket Grip

There is very little instruction available on the pocket grip.

And over several videos I break this grip tactic down and how you can use it to control and throw your opponent with ease. 

Positive v Negative Gripping 

There is a wide difference between gripping positively and negatively and in this training you will learn not only how to grip positively but how to avoid a penalty.

This single concept has the potential to change your Judo!

Positively Breaking Grips

In one of the largest video lessons I teach you how to break grips with ease.

And not only with ease but doing so in a way that allows you to attack and be positive in the eyes of the referees.

In addition I show you my best methods for taking off the grips in order to use your throws.

Grips For Newaza

In this section I break down a real life gripping exchange on the ground and the key learning points.

I go through some exciting gripping concepts and how to use them to win on the ground.

Over 19 videos and 2 hours of content currently on sale for $67.

Bonus 2

The Neil Adams Secrets of Elite Ashi Waza Workshop

A 90 Minute Masterclass of Elite Ashi Waza Training

From foot positioning, to combinations, using Ashi waza to land your big throws, getting grips, Osoto Gari, Neil's Kouchi Gari and much much more (such as).

Set ups, head placement, posture breaking, angles, strategies and even a Q & A session.

Over 90 minutes of fast paced Ashi Waza knowledge bombs delivered in Neil's private dojo.

This product currently retails at $37 and this will be yours for FREE when you purchase Juji Gatame: The Ultimate Study

So.....What does this all cost?

Juji Gatame: The Ultimate study contains over 3 hours of training and 95 videos alone.

But we have added another 2 hours of training with our first bonus The Grip Fighting Workshop.

Hold on.

We haven't stopped there.

By adding the Ashi Waza work shop you have another 90 minutes of training.

So, let's add this up.

3 Online courses.

Over 6 hours of training.

115 Videos.

You could expect to pay over $200 for this package from other retailers.

But no.

The price during launch week for this HUGE online training package is...

all for only



Yes, Get Access to Juji Gatame: The Ultimate Study today

Warning this deal ends when the timer hits zero


Here's what you need to do to grab this deal.

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Once there, you will enter the secure checkout area where you can pay with any major bank card.

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When will these recordings be available?

Once you have paid you will get access to them straight away.

Can I download them?

No, the content will not be available for download.

It is available to watch in our online platform and as such will require internet access to watch.

Should we change platforms at any time you will be given access to the product on the new platform or have the ability to download the content.

Can  I have a refund?

I have produced training content for Judo for the last 30 years, and we often get asked this question.

So here it goes.

I have spent 50 years in the sport of Judo, reaching its highest levels. 

During which time I have spent thousands on travel and training costs. 

I have put together a resource that I feel is the best in the world. 

A product that reveals tips and tactics that can help you to achieve a higher level of Judo

So, we are unable to offer any refunds with this product.

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Get Access to Juji Gatame: The Ultimate Study today

Warning this deal ends when the timer hits zero



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