What is Kuzushi?

What is Kuzushi? Well this is a complex subject that we get asked about many times, especially from BJJ or Sambo players.  Ultimately Kuzushi is the art and science of breaking balance. It is the ESSENTIAL element of throwing which separates a successful and a failed throw. 

Neil Adams Effective Fighting is proud to start what we call 'The Kuzushi Revolution'. By this we mean that Neil Adams will be sharing for the first time the methods he used to develop his world championship throwing skills. This goes far beyond just showing you how to perform a set throw or technique, if you master the art of kuzushi you will totally change your Judo and grappling game.

Kuzushi will allow you to master the art of throwing ​your opponent for the maximum points and it is what makes the difference between good Judo players and great ones!

After a lifetime in Judo and having trained with legends and in addition having travelled the globe Neil Adams knows that the study of kuzushi will take your Judo to a whole new level and he is here to guide you through that process. Below you will see a free video on the subject of Kuzushi however you will see Neil use the following terminology:

-Direction Hand (usually lapel hand) helps direct the throw.

-Control Hand (usually the sleeve hand) Controls the throw 

How Do I Improve?

Well the study of Kuzushi wont come easily, you need to put in the actual study time and the training. However we have a number of resources for you to look at that will help you to improve your skills

Uchikomi Bands

Neil Adams Uchikomi Bands are designed to improve the Kuzushi of your throws. Along with a DVD where Neil shows you how to improve you throwing technique, the bands are an essential resource

Judo Excellence

Judo Excellence is our flagship programme and there has been nothing like it before. Neil shows you in detail how to perform every Judo technique using his whole- part-whole method.


The best way to learn about Kuzushi is from the master himself- Neil Adams. Holding the rank of 8th Dan and winning a world championship. European Champion, 2 x Olympic medal winner and International Coach. Getting Neil to your club is the ultimate experience

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