Newaza Workshop

 Learn The Newaza Skills Of Neil Adams MBE And Dominate Your Opponents On The Ground


Time & Location

1st March 2020, 10:00 – 15:00

Clifton upon Dunsmore, Rugby, UK

A unique workshop with Neil Adams MBE

Hosted at his personal dojo you will receive 4 hours of initmiate training from Neil Adams in the art of Newaza. 

This workshop will focus on developing techniques that can be rapidly applied in when transitioning from standing to the ground......And from the ground to standing!

 You will also learn how to gain more time on the ground in competition, how to drill Newaza for better results and a whole lot more!

The Neil Adams Newaza Workshop

As a World Champion , 2x Olympic medallist, IJF 9th Dan and an IJF Referee Supervisor, Neil knows what the referees are looking for and how you can be a success.

It’s not about what you can’t do, but what you CAN do. 

What Will be Covered

Modern Newaza Techniques

What will I learn?

* newaza techniques that can easily transition into success
* the concept of balance and its importance when applied to newaza
* the movement of newaza: how to keep it positive and progressive
* to effectively drill techniques away from static Uchi Komi, emphasising movement and transition 

Why Do You Need To Learn This?

* time on the ground is limited but can be extended with the correct techniques and flow
* gain more time to win the Ippon in the ground with less effort and more efficiency
* understand what referees are looking for and the importance of different interpretations 

Optional Lunch With Neil and Recordings Available

For  a small extra cost you can enjoy lunch with Neil and also receive the recordings of the event which when sold will be double the price.

Who Is Neil Adams The Judoka? 

  • 9th Dan  Judoka
  • World Judo Champion
  • 2 x Olympic Silver Medal Winner
  • 5 World Championship Medals between  1976-1985
  • European Judo Champion with 12 medals between 1974- 1985
  • British Champion with 21 medals between 1969-1988

Learn how to become successful on the mat with Neil Adams MBE 9TH Dan

Neil Adams Competitive Success

World Judo Champion

British Judo Champion 1977- 1988

​Junior British Judo Champion 1969-1974

​In total 12 European medals and 5 World medals with 2 Olympics Medals between the years of 1977-85

So.....What does this cost?

Price List


Individual Ticket

Valid for 1st March , 2020 Newaza Workshop  2x 2hr sessions 14 yrs+ and Blue Belt+

Price £150


2 Person Ticket

Book you & a partner and save £100! Redeemable for 2 people and only for Gripping for Success (Feb 29) 2x 2hr sessions 14 yrs+ and Blue Belt+

Price £250


Pre-Order of Course Video

This ticket enables you a lifetime access to the video of the full day seminar plus possible bonus segments. Pre-Order price only. Expires on Feb 29th , 2020 Post seminar price is £100.00



Lunch ticket

A hot catered lunch with Neil Adams and Family. 

Please email for any nutritional variations or concerns.

Price £15

Book your place now!!

This is a once in a lifetime chance to work with Neil in a small group and have the secrets of Newaza for success in modern Judo.

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