learn the secrets of
tai otoshi

Because Tai otoshi is not just 'another Judo throw'. 

It is a throw that captures the stunning complexity of Judo inside one technique.

And when you throw with Tai Otoshi

You make a statement about the quality of your Judo on the mat!


“Tai otoshi is a throw that requires technical perfection,

where success is only achieved when every element of your Judo comes together in one perfect moment.

And when that moment happens you will produce a throw of such majesty, that the crowd, your coach and even your opponent will  appreciate the beauty of your Judo technique”

You aren't savage, barbaric or unsophisticated.......

You are a Judoka.

And as a Judoka you use maximum technical efficiency to throw your opponents.   

Sure, you have managed to master most of the Judo techniques.

You have had success on the mat at your level. 

But there is one little problem........

You want to master a throw that still seems so foreign to you.

A throw that no matter how much you try, you never manage to 'get it right'.

A throw that when you attempt to use it, makes you feel as if all your years of Judo have been wiped away (and you are back walking into the dojo for the first time).

A throw that when used, shouts 'classical Judo' to anyone within ear shot.

That throw is Tai Otoshi.

Tai otoshi is a throw that humbles the most experienced of Judo players and coaches because it requires every element of Judo to combine in one perfect moment.

But you CAN master this throw with the right training:


Tai Otoshi: The Ultimate Study

The masterclass that gives you the knowledge and techniques of a Tai Otoshi specialist.

Of all the throws and grappling techniques ever created, none shout Judo Excellence like Tai otoshi does.

If Uchimata is the Queen of Judo throws then Tai Otsoshi would be the king: Strong, sturdy, difficult to counter yet packed with power and authority.

The problem is that Tai otoshi is incredibly complex and requires every element of Judo (the hands, feet and body) to work together in one perfect moment.

And even those that manage to make Tai otoshi work in the dojo with a co-operative partner, often struggle to make the technique work when it really matters, when you face a live opponent in the heat of battle. 

This is where Tai Otoshi: The Ultimate Study comes to your rescue.

An online training course that breaks down every aspect of the throw to allow you not only master the technique, but to help you to use it within a competitive environment.

Tai Otoshi: The Ultimate Study is the result of over 30 years study,  training, teaching and of course application by 2 x Olympic Medallist , World Judo Champion and IJF Judo Expert  Neil Adams MBE.

Neil trained with the best in the world, taught the best in the world and was the best in the world.

Yet his mastery of one throw set him apart. It made his Judo game even more feared and respected.

That throw was of course Tai Otoshi.

And for the very first time Neil Adams gives you EVERYTHING he knows about Tai otoshi  in one MUST HAVE resource.

The issue with Tai Otoshi, is that unless you are taught by a Tai otoshi specialist the throw is very difficult to perfect and Tai Otoshi is difficult to counter when done properly and easy to counter if it is not.

This is why Tai Otoshi: The Ultimate Study is so important. It is a way for coaches and players to learn the secrets of a world class Tai Otoshi. All explained in precise detail by a world champion.

Bottom Line:

By the time you finish going through Tai Otoshi: The Ultimate Study you will be an encyclopedia of Tai Otoshi knowledge and ready to send your opponents flat onto the mat.

Just exactly what do you get when you purchase Tai Otoshi: The Ultimate Study .

First off, this is NOT a monthly membership course. You pay once and have lifetime access to our state of the art online platform.

Once inside Tai otoshi: The Ultimate Study you will have immediate access to over 120 minutes of video footage broken down over 18 separate videos.

Inside your course dashboard you will find the videos set out to take you step by step through your Tai Otoshi training.

Check out the amount of content inside your dashboard:

Video 1: Welcome and course goals

Video 2: Tai Sabaki

Video 3: Shape

Video 4: Kuzushi

Video 5: Legs

Video 6: Kuzushi v Legs

Video 7: Creating shape

Video 8: Uchikomi

Video 9: Attacking stances

Video 10: Feet readjustment

Video 11: Short studies

Video 12: Kumi Kata

Video 13: Combinations

Video 14: Defence

Video 15: Counters

Video 16: Transition

Video 17: Nage komi

Video 18: Neil's notes

Take your Tai Otoshi to the next level.

When you score with Tai Otoshi you know that you have just landed a technique that requires skill and not luck to use.

Tai otoshi is one of the techniques in Judo that highlight just how special the sport is. 

Neil Adams became a world renowned expert on Tai Otoshi and his opponents dreaded the technique being used against them when they fought.  

And now is is your turn to master Tai Otoshi

  • Over 120 minutes of Neil Adams giving you every ounce of Tai otoshi knowledge. 
  • Instant and lifetime access, this is a buy once access forever training course.
  • Learn the intricate details of the throw, every element is covered!

But don't just take our word for it, listen to what others are saying:

Jimmy Pedro, USA Judo Coach,  2 x Olympic Medallist and Judo World Champion

"There is nothing that Neil doesn't cover in this video"

Ray Stevens, Olympic Medal winner and BJJ Expert

"I highly recommend you look through this video and study it"

Mike Swain, Olympic Medal winner Judo World Champion

"Neil has one of the best Tai Otoshi's in the world, don't miss this"


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    Can I Have A Refund? I have produced training content for Judo for the last 30 years, and we often get asked this question.So here it goes.I have spent 50 years in the sport of Judo, reaching its highest levels. During which time I have spent thousands on travel and training costs. I have put together a resource that I feel is the best in the world. A product that reveals tips and tactics that can help you to achieve a higher level of JudoSo, we are unable to offer any refunds with this product. 

What does it cost?

Buy Now for just $137 

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