REVEALED: 9TH Dan world judo champion and olympic medal winner reveals the secrets of THE most powerful throw IN JUDO

If you would like to UNCOVER the secrets to throwing anyone with uchi mata then YOU NEED TO READ THIS PAGE

Every week I get hundreds of messages and emails from Judo players and coaches of all ages and nationalities.

But a few months ago one, in particular, stood out to me.

It said this.

"Neil, I am struggling to make my Uchi Mata work in Randori or competition".

He went on to explain how he understands what Uchi Mata is, and he can do the basic movements.

He has watched every video on YouTube and still, no matter what he does, he still can't get the technique to work on a resisting opponent.

He isn't alone.

I have coached thousands of Judo players over the years, in almost every nation that does Judo.

And no matter where I travel to, I see the same issue time and time again.

People can't make Uchi Mata work for them..

For me, this is a tragedy.

Uchimata Is The King Of Judo Throws

A throw that is not only dynamic, but is stunning to watch and is the embodiment of high quality, attacking Judo.

And more than this.

Uchi Mata is a throw that wins Judo matches in an instant.

When done correctly, Uchi Mata is a weapon that few can defend or deal with.

And it is the hallmark of Judo.

Using balance, timing, kuzushi, technique and speed to send an opponent flying high into the air guaranteeing their rotation over, directly onto their back.

Yes, Uchi Mata is truly a wonder to behold.

Yet, many out there like you, have never been able to master Uchi Mata.

Many can't make one of the most glorious techniques in Judo work against a resisting opponent.

And many have their Judo potential caged within, because they have not been able to use one of the most powerful techniques in the Judo arsenal of throws.

And I am on a mission to change this.

I am on a mission to make you an Uchi Mata specialist.

Hi, I'm Neil Adams.

Many of you might know me as the Voice Of Judo as I am a commentator of Judo at World and Olympic Events.

But what you might not know is that I am a former World Champion, 2 x Olympic Medalist 5 x Time World Medalist, and 5 x European Champion.

And now I am a 9th Dan in Judo and work as an IJF Referee Supervisor.

I say this not to brag, but after 50+ years of Judo at the highest level, I feel I have a decent grasp of the Art and Sport.

Many people in the Judo world know me for my Tai Otoshi skill and my ability to make people tap out on the ground.

However, far less know that I am an Uchi Mata specialist.

"Uchi Mata helped me to defeat some of the best players in the world"

It was Uchi Mata that went hand in hand with my Tai Otoshi, and as I gained success in the sport of Judo, it was Uchi Mata that allowed me to win hundreds of Judo matches at the highest levels.

And I am on a mission to share what I know about Uchi Mata with the world.

But first I am going to give you the 3 secrets to throwing anyone with Uchi Mata...right on this page.

They are secrets that even some of the best Judoka on the planet have not been able to understand.

And, when I unlocked these secrets myself, my skill with Uchi Mata went through the roof.

I was able to throw more people for Ippon.

Now, I also have to say, because I know what these secrets are, I am always on the lookout for them.

You can see them when watching masters of the Uchi Mata such as Inoue or Ono.

I have witnessed Uchi Mata specialists such as Lippertiliani and Iliadis draw upon these secrets, and today I am going to reveal exactly what these secrets are.


Let's dive in.

The 3 Secrets To Becoming An Uchi Mata Specialist

It has taken 50 years of travelling the globe of not only competing but coaching Judo at the highest level for me to figure out how anyone can become an Uchi Mata specialist.

Regardless of your height or weight or even age and experience levels.

So here are those secrets:




There are hundreds of variations of Uchi Mata used across the globe right now by elite players.

And it is this ability to change and vary the techniques that make Judo such a progressive sport.

Yet, despite this bewildering amount of variations, all Uchi Mata specialists base their Uchi Mata's from just 3 broad variations of Uchi Mata.

And not knowing what these 3 variations are or knowing how to use them is what is holding your Uchi Mata back from reaching its full potential.

You see, the problem that I regularly witness in Judo is that players attack with the wrong type of Uchi Mata at the wrong time.

This is like trying to drive a car and replacing the steering wheel with handlebars.

You have set yourself up for failure from the off.

Uchi Mata specialists have figured out that there are 3 unique core variations of Uchi Mata and know which to attack with at the right situation.

This makes their ability even more dangerous.


Each Uchi Mata Has Its Own Unique Technical Requirements

Now that we know there are 3 base Uchi Mata's that the experts use. 

The next secret that they draw upon is understanding that each one requires its own setup, its own grips, and its own feet, leg and hip positioning.

And this is yet another area that makes Uchi mata a struggle for the vast majority of Judoka.

Most people learn one Uchi Mata and then just try and change their grips to try and make the throw work.

Each base Uchi Mata style has to be treated like its own unique throw.

And that is why Uchi Mata specialists are so dangerous; they understand how to make each variation of the throw work.

The result is that some Uchi Mata specialists use just one variation with hit man-like accuracy, and some draw upon all 3.

This makes them more versatile Judoka and able to use Uchi Mata, even when their opponent thinks it is impossible.


Uchi Mata specialists know how to practise Uchi mata

So, you have learned the 3 core Uchi Mata versions that the specialists use to throw people for Ippon.

You know the technical requirements to make the techniques work.

But do you know how to train Uchi Mata?

This is where even the most skilled Judoka can slip.

Knowing is not enough; you have to undertake deliberate practice for each of the 3 core Uchi Mata methods to achieve results.

And it is only by combining these 3 secrets, you will be able to master Uchi Mata and become an unstable Uchi Mata specialist.

Now, I am not going to lie.

Becoming an Uchi Mata specialist takes time, effort and of course practise.

But you have 2 choices.

You can try and figure out Uchi Mata yourself, which could take you years.

Or you can learn from an Uchi Mata specialist, and discover how to build an Uchi Mata so powerful, that opponents fear to face you in every competition you undertake.

The problem is, finding an Olympic level Uchi Mata specialist who will come to your club and break down the throw, just for you, is extremely unlikely.

And for that reason, I have created the most comprehensive guide to building a devastating Uchi Mata in record time.

A training resource, that if followed, will allow you to not only be able to land an Ippon scoring Uchimata more often but completely fulfil your knowledge of Uchi Mata.

Enter Uchi Mata: The Ultimate Study

Uchi Mata: The Ultimate Study is my new, intimate breakdown of how you can master Uchi Mata in record time.

Over 40 videos cover every aspect of Uchi Mata that you need to be able to yield the power of Uchi Mata and take your Judo to new levels.

Let's see what awaits you inside our online training platform.

Inside: Learn How You Can Start To Throw More People With Uchi Mata

Let's take a look inside each module to see what you will learn



The What, Why and How of Uchi Mata

In this introductory module, I explain your learning objectives for the course.

I introduce you to the 3 different types of Uchi Mata that are used by Uchi Mata specialists on the world stage.

You will learn what the 3 Uchi Matas are, why they are used and how



Uchi Mata Specific Warm Ups

Uchi Mata is a throw that pushes our body to the limits, and as such, we need to be appropriately prepared.

In this module, I break down over 4 videos and a range of warm-up drills that are designed to not only get your body ready but, build your muscle memory that you are going to need to draw upon to perform Uchi Mata in spectacular fashion.



Uchi Mata Gripping Development

We have 3 Uchi Matas that we are going to break down the gripping for, and in this module I teaches you precisely where to grip, how to grip and why it matters for each type of Uchimata.

By the end of these 3 videos, you will know how to apply maximum leverage to your opponent's jacket.



Dynamic Foot Placement For Uchi Mata 

Do you know where your feet are when doing Uchi Mata? 

Think again.

In this module,  you will learn how your feet should move for each type of Uchi Mata, giving you options and alternatives.

From feeding the foot in, to rapid support leg movement.

The concepts you learn here are going to set your Uchi Mata up for success.



Ippon Focused Head Alignment 

What many people don't understand is just how critical a role that the head plays in making Uchi Mata successful and the content in this module is game-changing.

You will learn how to pin your centre of balance and how specialists such as Ono use their head to generate jaw-dropping lift.

3 videos backed with insight and advice that will have a massive impact on your Judo.



Body Placement For Competitive Success


In this module,  we rewrite 'the book' on what you understand about Uchi Mata and you will learn how the position of your body will make or break your Uchi Mata.

You will learn how leading Uchi Mata specialists use their leg to enter and reduce the risk of counter, where your hips need to be to get a greater lift in your throws and much more.

3 Videos packed with knowledge bombs.



Uchi komi and Drills That Will Lead You To Victory

Practising your Uchi Mata is the only way you are going to become a specialist that is able to throw people for Ippon week after week.

And because there are 3 core types of Uchi Mata, you are going to need to train each one differently.

In this module, you are going to learn the drills that are going to cement your newfound Uchi Mata skills and put you on the fast track for Uchi Mata success.



Throwing With Purpose


Throwing practise is how you go from good to great, but there is a right and wrong way to do this.

In this module,  I cover what you need to do to maximise the practise, what you need to ask from your partner and where you need to move them.



Winning  Uchi Mata Combinations

In this module, you are going to discover how to use Uchi Mata in combination with other techniques.

I break down my 6 favourite combinations with Uchi Mata.

You will learn how to combine your techniques, the setups and how to get the reactions you need to throw for Ippon.



Uchi Mata Counters


In this module, you are going to unleash the method I used most to counter Uchi Mata.

You will learn how to effortlessly counter an Uchi Mata and in addition, learn how to prevent others from countering you.



Uchi Mata Specialist Case Studies

This module is worth the price of the course on its own.

I break down some of the leading Uchi Mata specialists of all time, Inoue, Ono, Iliadis and more.

You are going to learn the hidden details that make the best in the world so good. 

You will see how Ono is able to get such an incredible lift in his Uchi Mata.

You will discover the secret to Ilias Iliadis 'power Uchi Mata' and many other insights.

Over 35 videos That Break Down Uchi Mata So You Can Start Throwing People For Ippon With Ease

Who Is Neil Adams The Judoka? 

  • 9th Dan  Judoka
  • World Judo Champion
  • 2x Olympic Silver Medal Winner
  • 5x World Championship Medals between  1976-1985
  • European Judo Champion with 7 further medals between 1974- 1985
  • British Champion with 21 gold medals between 1969-1988

Who Is This For?


So there you have it, my Uchi Mata Masterclass.

A proven system of using Uchi Mata for competition and club success.

But who is this master class for?

Well, if you answer yes to any of these questions then Uchi Mata The Ultimate Study is for you.


You are a coach who is looking to help your players to perfect Uchi Mata.


You are a club player that wants to start to throw more people for Ippon in Randori.


You are a competitive Judoka that wants to shine on the mat and win more contests.


You are a beginner that wants to ensure you develop faster and perfect your technique..


You're a BJJ player that wants to learn a throw that gets you in deep and neutralises a bent over opponent and will put you past the opponent's guard ready for your control position on the ground.

So, if you answered yes to any of the above let's just go over again, some of the nuggets you are going to learn in this course

  • The 'touchpad' Uchi Mata used by the best in Japan to throw with speed.
  • How one of the best Judoka on the planet rotates his opponents over to the mat for Ippon with a twist of his head.
  • The deep hip method of Uchi Mata used by an Olympic and World Champion that is like being in the jaws of a great white shark.
  • The Uchi Mata used by a 7x World Champion that dominated the Judo world for years.
  • The combination that I used to throw even the most stubborn opponents (if you are a groundwork specialist you will love this combination)
  • The secret rule that I applied to all combinations to vastly increase my Ippon rate (do this one thing, and you will have more Judo success instantly)
  • The 3 Uchi Mata types that all Uchi Matas are based on (knowing this is the key to making Uchimata work for you)
  • How to grip the Judo Gi so that you can out-power and pull your opponents around the mat with ease.
  • The rapid foot movement pattern that will have your opponent unable to keep up
  • The drill that is going to help you to develop an Uchi Mata that sends your opponents high into the air (you could call this flying Air Judo).
  • The sneaky little leg position that reduces the risk of being countered massively.
  • The type of Uchi Mata that is being used by all of the best in the world because it almost guarantees Ippon. (This modern Uchi Mata variation is jaw-dropping, and I am going to teach you how to do it).

Plus...everything else I have packed into this must own resource

So.....What does this cost?


Get Access to Uchi Mata: The Ultimate Study today

Here's what you need to do to grab this deal.

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PS....check out what some of the worlds best are saying about my uchi mata knowledge and skill

Amelie Rosseneu: Winner of 12 International Medals

Bob Berland: Olympic  & World Championship Medal Winner

Ray Stevens: Olympic Medal Winner

Varlam Liparteliani: Olympic, World & European Medal Winner



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Can  I have a refund?

I have produced training content for Judo for the last 30 years, and we often get asked this question.

So here goes.

I have spent 50 years in the sport of Judo, reaching its highest levels. 

During which time I have spent thousands on travel and training costs. 

I have put together a resource that I feel is the best in the world. 

A product that reveals tips and tactics that can help you to achieve a higher level of Judo

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