Wall Mat

With its unique shape and structure the Neil Adam Nage Komi Wall Mat has to be seen and felt to be truly appreciated. 

The Mat was developed so that Judokas across the globe could train at full power and reduce the risk of  injuries to their bodies. The mat has been shaped so that it will stand against a wall however its curved design means that a Judoka can be thrown against it but vastly reduces the impact.

It allows for full commitment throwing to be done and takes both Uchikomi and Nage Komi to a whole new level

Just watch the videos below to see Neil using the mat and just how it makes a vast difference to training:​


  • Timing
  • Body Positioning
  • Muscle Memory
  • Effective use of skills sessions


  • Chance of injury
  • Waiting time between throws
  • Crash mat being in the way of foot placement
  • Stiff, uncooperative Ukes

The Neil Adams Wall Mat will change the way you train!

Take it to the wall today with 100% commitment throwing.

​The NA Nage Komi Wall Mat is £312.00. If you wish to order the NA Nage Komi Wall Mat, please e-mail us at info@naeffectivefighting.com so we can arrange the best delivery option for you.

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